Tuck Fong

New mothers need hearty and filling confinement meals that can help heal the body, giving her better overall wellness.

Here at Cocoon Postpartum, we incorporate herbs with healing properties in our confinement meals to help new mother’s body and metabolism resume back to normal. Through the use of special herbal concoctions and tonics in confinement meals during the postpartum duration, a mother’s vitality and inner health are greatly improved.

This period is crucial as a mother’s body could take some time to get used to being normal post-childbirth. Herbs in confinement meals are used to prevent any pain and water retention due to wind and help in absorbing nutrient that is crucial for a steady supply of quality breastmilk.

Consuming herbal tonic soups during confinement meals is healthier as there is no sulfur present, which causes swelling of the body.

With our Tuck Fong service, confinement meals are tasty and ensure that the mother’s health is taken care of in the best way possible.

After 28 days of consuming Cocoon Postpartum’s Tuck Fong confinement meals, new mothers will regain strength and get better with the use of wellness and confinement herbs incorporated in the confinement meals.

She will be able to regain her overall vitality. Our herbs are combined using traditional and modern methods to ensure that our products are of the safest, highest quality, and the most effective available.



Day 1

Women's Tonic Soup

Effect: Eradicate lochia, post-partum blood replenishment, relax muscles and bones, uterine contraction

Day 2

Detoxifying Tonic Soup

Effect: Blood circulation, Nourish blood, remove blood stasis, uterine contraction

Day 3

Vitality Tonic Soup

Effect: Fortify tendons and bones, tonify the liver and kidney, moisturizing and improve bowel movement, improve immunity

Day 4

Revitalising Tonic Soup

Effect: Soothes the liver and invigorates the spleen, nourishes the heart and calms the nerves, relieves insomnia

Day 5

Milk Booster Soup

Effect: Reconcile blood, enhance lactation

Day 6

Women's Nourishing Tonic Soup

Effect: Circulate blood, promote blood circulation to remove blood stasis, replenish Qi and blood, promote uterine contraction, and assist the parturient to remove impurities from the body

Day 7

Menstrual Care Herbal Soup

Effect: Promote uterine contractions, replenish qi and nourish blood



Day 8

Blood Nourishing Tonic Soup

Effect: Uterine repair, prevent aging

Day 9

Kidney Nourishing Tonic Soup

Effect: Invigorate the liver and kidney, anti-aging, nourish yin and blood, nourish Qi and back strengthening

Day 10

Nourishing Spleen and Kidney soup

Effect: Clearing heat and dampness, nourishing the kidneys and strengthening the waist, preventing dizziness and backache

Day 11

Regulate the spleen and stomach

Effect: To replenish qi and invigorate the spleen, regulating Qi and humidity

Day 12

Spleen Revitalising Tonic Soup

Effect: Invigorate blood, nourish the spleen, improve sleep

Day 13

Spleen Soothing Soup

Effect: To replenish Qi and promote blood

Day 14

Liver Soothing Soup

Effect: Nourish blood and liver, replenish qi and relieve pain, nourish the heart and calm the mind



Day 15

Polygonum Tendon Strengthening Soup

Effect: Enrich the hair and beauty

Day 16

Prolactin Soup

Effect: To replenish Qi and blood, soothe the liver and regulate Qi, Unobstructed breast

Day 17

Nourishing Soup

Effect: Nourishes the kidney, strengthens the eyes

Day 18

Four Date Soup

Effect: Nourishes blood and stomach

Day 19

Polygonum Nourishing blood soup

Effect: Replenishing blood and promoting blood circulation, enrich hair and beauty

Day 20

Four Herbs Soup

Effect: Diuresis and dampness, nourishes dampness and nourishes qi, soothe the nerves and strengthen the spleen

Day 21

Energising Tonic Soup

Effect: Nourish and replenish blood, regulate menstruation and relieve menstrual pain



Day 22

Vitality Tonic Soup

Effect: Anti-fatigue, nourishing skin

Day 23

Blood Nourishing Tonic Soup

Effect: To replenish vitality, Increase the uterus, Maintain uterus, pale

Day 24

Ganoderma Soup

Effect: Enhance physical fitness, protect heart and liver

Day 25

Nourish Yin and Blood Soup

Effect: Invigorate blood circulation, relieve muscles and relieve pain

Day 26

Ginseng Soup

Effect: Replenishing energy, refreshing and relieving fatigue

Day 27

Cordyceps Nourishing Soup

Effect: Nourishes the lungs and Qi, clears the heart and calms the mind, nourishes the liver and kidney

Day 28

Vitality Tonic Soup

Effect: Replenish vitality, strengthen the heart, and promote spiritual recovery

Cocoon Postpartum's Tuck Fong confinement meals are great for helping new mothers regain their strength and vitality from the inside - as health and wellness begin from within.

Tuck Fong

Here at Cocoon Postpartum, we use Daifonai (大风艾 淋浴草药), a traditional herbal bath that is specially formulated for new mothers during their postnatal period.

The Daifonai is a traditional formula that has undergone improvement for many generations to meet today's mothers' needs.

It’s unique formula and properties with its ease of use has proven effective for new mothers.

The foundation of the usage of Daifonai in our treatment is due to the agreement by both modern and Chinese medicine where they mentioned that bathing the wound with medicine is more effective and is absorbed directly by the skin through direct contact.

This helps open up the pores, enabling the medicinal properties in the Daifonai to penetrate deeper into the skin thus improving blood circulation.

Cocoon Postpartum uses Daifonai due to its natural herbal ingredients that are free from artificial colouring and preservatives.

The usage of Daifonai helps to regulate the ‘chi’ or inner level that is strained due to pregnancy and delivery – if not replenished, the lack of ‘chi’ or inner energy can cause low immunity, making the new mother more prone to disease.

The special formulation of Daifonai helps expel tummy wind when used continuously for 30 to 40 days, helping new mothers ease any discomfort they might have in their stomach.

When used during a spa or shower, the unique herbal formula is absorbed by the body better and the Daifonai helps to relieve tension, stress, fatigue, prevent moisture, and improve blood circulation which can cause headache and joint pains for new mothers. Using Daifonai also helps to reduce the occurrence of rheumatic diseases that can happen at old age for mothers.

Here at Cocoon Postpartum, we only want the best for our new mothers. That is why we go above and beyond to make sure that the treatment new mothers receive is only the best.