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Postnatal Care Expert - Cocoon

Cocoon Postpartum offers our postnatal care service as a postnatal care expert complete with our premium and modern postnatal care that makes you feel comfortable and at home at our private and convenient rooms.

Our postnatal care expert service covers the general care for both mother and baby as well as making sure new mothers understand and are aware of early danger signs in the postnatal period that could lead to depression. As postnatal care experts, we support, practise, and facilitate family and group support to support women who had just given birth. 

By assisting mothers who are either having a firstborn or a secondborn, we aim to provide the best of postnatal care with our professional nurses and experienced hands as postnatal care experts. We are trained to promote early basic care for newborns such as early and exclusive breastfeeding, how to keep the baby warm, and providing hygienic baby care as postnatal care experts. 

We understand that the first few months after childbirth can be difficult – whether you are a first-time parent or not. Each child is different and it takes time getting to know and adapt to the mannerism of every child. We will help identify underlying conditions that require additional care or counselling to new mothers to help understand the care that both mother and child needs as postnatal care experts.

The wellbeing of mother and child will be taken care of by our professional nurses who are postnatal care experts and trained with infant care knowledge and skills. 

Our 24/7 postnatal care expert nursing allows for a more secured and trusting environment for new mothers as they recuperate and rejuvenate their bodies from the inside out. As postnatal care experts, we believe that it is our responsibility to ensure both mother and child are taken care of in the most comfortable and relaxing way possible.