Confinement Food Catering Delivery Service

Cocoon Postpartum provides confinement food delivery service for mothers who knows the importance of taking care of their body from the inside out after childbirth.

After all, it is important to restore the loss of nutrition during childbirth by consuming the right confinement food and with our confinement food delivery, you can regain your health and inner energy healthily and heartily.

Our confinement food delivery consists of meals that are healthy and balanced – this means that they contain less salt, less oil, and less sugar. This is important as whatever the mother eats will affect the baby.

What you wouldn't feed your newborn baby will not be fed to you.

This ensures both mother and child are healthy throughout the confinement period with our balanced confinement food delivery meal.

With our well-balanced confinement meals through our confinement food delivery, we prepare and deliver healthy and nutritious meals for mothers during their postpartum period.

A woman’s body goes through hormonal change and the recovery period will be slow if she eats meals that are too heavy or too oily. The meals prepared by us with our confinement food delivery is made just right for mothers using herbs and ingredients that are loaded with healing properties to help mothers regain their strength and vitality.

Food Delivery

We use the freshest ingredient for our confinement food delivery and it is made and planned according to our professional and experienced nutritionist.

They will oversee the confinement food delivery meals so that new mothers can receive necessary nutrients that help aid in the healing process and lactation.

Our menu for our confinement food delivery is also customisable according to dietary requirements and specific requests. Our in-house nutritionist will be able to prescribe the perfect confinement meal for new mothers to help restore the necessary nutrients that were lost during childbirth.