Class For Mummies

Cocoon Postpartum provides a class for new mothers that will allow you to bond and nurture your child. With these classes, you will be able to understand the theory and practical methods behind the ways to take care of your child.

Infant Massage Class

This is a fun, easy, and great way to bond with your baby. You’ll learn how to massage your baby from head to toe step-by-step through various baby massage techniques. It’s a great activity for you and your baby and it has many wonderful benefits – your baby will love being massaged!

Breastfeeding Talk

Learn how to breastfeed before the baby arrives to help you feel less anxious and prepare your body to feel natural when the time actually comes for breastfeeding.

It might not seem easy at first but with a step-by-step course, you’ll learn how easy it is to breastfeed infants in the first six months after childbirth.

Learn the basic of lactation, how to know if your child is getting enough milk, and learn pumping tips to help you go through breastfeeding with ease.

Baby Bathing Class

Learn how wonderful bath time can be with babies as it is a great time to bond. Many babies enjoy being in the water and it can help teach time to babies – nighttime can signal that it’s time to sleep as the baby is more relaxed and a morning bath indicates that it’s time to start the day.

With a gentle stimulation of a soothing and safe bath, bath time will be a delightful bonding time between mother and child.

Light Exercise

A post-pregnancy exercise class is able to help limber your body and keep you healthy and fit throughout your pregnancy and post-pregnancy period.

We’ll help you ease into a pre-pregnancy exercise to help you get used to exercising while pregnant and also start exercising slowly after birth so that you won’t rush and hurt your body in the process.