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Bliss @ Cocoon Spa & Massage is a pre and postnatal massage for new mothers where we provide pre and postnatal care massages, aromatherapy massages, and many more.

Experience a relaxing and rejuvenating pre and postnatal massage as you begin your journey to motherhood.

The journey of motherhood is magical but it’s no easy task – nine months of pregnancy changes a body due to the growth of the baby and hormonal changes. Post-birth, it leaves one in a state of fatigue with backaches and more.

We provide first-class rejuvenating pre and postnatal massage experience for mothers before and after childbirth. Our team of confinement professionals are here to give you a revitalising pre and postnatal massage that combines the best of both traditional and modern massage.

Postnatal massages bring a lot of benefits to new mothers as it:

  • improve blood circulation
  • expel lochia (vaginal discharge after giving birth)
  • “lift” the womb to prevent it from sagging
  • break down fat
  • tone and shape the body
  • speed up post-birth recovery

Bliss @ Cocoon Spa & Massage is a pre and postnatal massage treatment that helps mothers better prepare their body for the next step of motherhood.

Breast massages

Our pre and postnatal massage include breast massages that help release oxytocin and boost prolactin levels – a hormone that’s responsible for lactation. By doing so, the breast ducts are opened and unclogged, allowing for a better flow and increase the production of milk, reducing engorgement. This makes way for a pleasant breastfeeding session that bonds both mother and child.

Vaginal massage

Our pre and postnatal massage also include the rejuvenation of the uterus which helps to reduce bleeding and cramping after childbirth. When the uterus is returning to its nonpregnant size, the muscles contract strongly which can cause pain and discomfort.

Vaginal massage which helps to get the vaginal muscle and walls back to its shape. Tummy massage that helps to tuck tummy back in by working the strengthening the strained muscles and improve blood flow. Another pre and postnatal massage is where we help the condition of the body – this is to help the body prepare itself and to get used to a post-pregnancy body. A nerve massage relaxes the nerves that cause sores and tension of the body.

These pre and postnatal massages do wonders for a new mother’s body as it helps:

  • relax and reduce stress by increasing blood circulation and lower the stress hormones
  • promotes the healing of the body by eliminating fluid and waste in the body
  • promote better sleep and ease fatigue
  • relief pain of muscles naturally

All pre and postnatal massages at Bliss @ Cocoon Spa & Massage are done with using a hot pad to cover and keep the body warm.

This is to help with the edema (swelling) that mothers go through that can be curbed with a pre and postnatal massage.

Our masseurs are experienced, skilled, and trained in pre and postnatal massages and will go above and beyond to provide the ideal pre and postnatal massage therapy for women before and after childbirth.

Make Bliss @ Cocoon Spa & Massage your ideal destination for a rejuvenating pre or postnatal massage.

Bliss @ Cocoon Spa & Massage