Cocoon Postpartum Care Services for Mothers

Here at Cocoon Postpartum, we provide a five-star luxury postpartum care that has a convenient environment that’s peaceful, quiet, and private for new mothers. 

With the assistance of our professional nurses who are experienced and professionals in postpartum care, your stay at Cocoon Postpartum will be a comfortable one.

View our services to find out more about how we can assist you in the journey to motherhood.

Postnatal Care Expert – COCOON

Experience a premium and modern postnatal care that feels like home with Cocoon Postpartum. We aim to assist mummies to recover in a healthy and rejuvenating way with our premium postpartum care experience – giving the best of postnatal care. 

We focus on the act of nurturing and bonding via the art of touch, we also offer traditional Malay massages for mothers as well as guidance for infant massages.

Bliss @ Cocoon Spa & Massage

With our pre and postpartum care therapy and customised body massage treatment through our Gaia Spa & Massage, we specialise in prenatal and postnatal care massage, aromatherapy massage, and many more. 

With our experienced, skilled, and trained masseurs team, our Gaia Spa & Message is the ideal destination for women before and after childbirth – the perfect pre and postpartum care massage you can ever get.

Cocoon Confinement Food Catering Meal Delivery Services

Our Cocoon Confinement Food Catering prepares and delivers confinement meals that are healthy and nutritious for mothers during their postpartum period as part of our postpartum care. 

Our meals are customisable according to diet requirements, specific requests, and our in-house nutritionist prescription. We use only the freshest ingredient to ensure that each mother’s health is taken care of inside out, making the best of your postpartum care.

Tuck Fong

Tuck Fong offers a wide range of herbs for wellness and confinement in postpartum care. It comes with a wide variety for speciality herbal concoctions and tonics for speedy postpartum recovery and general wellbeing. 

Our herbs are combined using traditional and modern methods to ensure that our products are safe, high-quality, and the most effective available.

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