Nothing prepared us for parenthood. “The baby doesn’t come with instructions??!!”

That was our personal experience 5 years ago when we got home with our baby girl. She didn’t stop crying because she wanted to be cuddled 24/7. I kid you not.

Some have told me not to spoil her and leave her to cry. I couldn’t and wouldn’t. Being an Infant Massage Instructor, I knew that was not the answer. There were days when I was anxious, desperate, lonely and tired. I wished there was someone to tell me that I’m doing alright. Unfortunately, only time could tell.

This was the beginning of my journey in nurturing touch, communication and bonding. The benefits are endless. Together, we created a family that is loved, valued and respected.

Looking back now, with 2 happy, healthy, and cheeky children to come home to these days, I know my journey has not ended. I would like to continue to touch the lives of many parents out there who just need some guidance and some assurance that they are doing fine. Hence the birth of Cocoon Postpartum.

Here at Cocoon Postpartum, we will never allow anyone to cry alone.


At Cocoon Postpartum, we know that being a new mother isn't always easy.

Whether it’s your firstborn or secondborn, being a mother is a continuous journey with new experience that is a mixture of joy, anxiety, and sadness.

We understand your struggles and we are here to support you as your postnatal care centre.

Cocoon Postpartum is your guided postnatal care companion to assist and transit you into the journey of motherhood. We offer help and advice as a postnatal care centre every step of the way, making sure that you don’t feel alone and helpless in the exciting and sometimes intimidating world of being a mother to a newborn child. 

We are made of a team of experts who are dedicated and experienced in the domain of confinement care, postpartum care, nutrition for confinement meals, pre and postnatal massages – everything under the postnatal care umbrella term. With our expertise as a postnatal care centre, we are more than sure that we can advise and support you with postnatal care thoroughly throughout this meaningful journey. 

We Understand The Journey Of A Mother

If you ever felt that your feelings might be overwhelming at times, you are not alone and it's not your fault. You will be able to feel better knowing that we are here to help you with the right services and assistance.

We were established to provide postnatal care supportive services for new mothers who require assistance and treatment for confinement, postnatal care, and helping them understand that perinatal mood and anxiety disorders are not uncommon and with the right help, you can find ways to overcome the anxiety. 

Whether you are looking for postnatal care support in terms of nutrition for confinement meals, or massages to help you feel better, Cocoon Postpartum offers something for every mother who is transitioning to the world of motherhood. 

With our experienced and professional postnatal care team, we are dedicated and take a disciplined approach to make sure every mother’s need is taken care of. 

With Cocoon Postpartum, the journey to motherhood doesn't have to be difficult.

- Omnicare Life Sdn Bhd

What We Do

Cocoon Postpartum offers a comprehensive list of postnatal care services to ensure the well-being of mothers before and after childbirth. From massages to postnatal care, we are a one-stop solution for all your wellness and recovery needs. 

We combine tradition and science methods to provide experienced and professional postnatal care support and guidance while you embrace the world of motherhood. Cocoon Postpartum postnatal care services are flexible and customisable to fit your needs to ensure that you get the care you truly deserve. 


Experienced & Trained Team For Postnatal Care
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Top Quality Equipment
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Nurturing Touch & Communication
Understanding & Accommodating

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