We are here to guide you through the wonderful world of motherhood

Having a baby can be wonderful…

but it can also feel overwhelming and difficult, especially for first-time mothers. With Cocoon Postpartum, we are here to help you every step of the way as a confinement centre.

Welcome to Cocoon Postpartum

We will be your companion in your journey to motherhood.

Whether it’s before, during, or after having a baby, you might go through numerous types of emotions and feelings that will make you feel like you are going through a tumultuous rollercoaster journey – as a confinement centre, we at Cocoon Postpartum understand how scary but exciting is it. 

That’s why we are here for you as a confinement centre.

As you transition from pregnancy to the early stages of motherhood, we will be assisting you every step of the way with our professional nurse and a confinement centre environment that is peaceful and quiet – perfectly convenient for new mothers. Your confinement needs will be assisted and supported by our professional nurses who are skilled in postpartum care, nutrition, and massages right here at our confinement centre

At Cocoon Postpartum, we want you to feel at home and ease. 

Professional Nurse & Nurse Aid, instead of normal helper / baby sitter
Peaceful and quiet, convenient environment for mom
Very good privacy
Transparent Pricing (no Hidden charges)
Spa services to help recovery after deliver
Organic & Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to improve mom’s and baby’s wellbeing
Classes for New Parent on how to take care Baby

Our Services

For mothers, each child is a gift and we at Cocoon Postpartum are here and ready to help you with our array of services at our confinement centre that will make you feel relaxed and ready to take on any challenges in your journey of motherhood.

Cocoon Postnatal Care
Bliss @ Cocoon Spa & Message
Tuck Fong Herbs & Food Sdn Bhd
Cocoon Confinement Food Catering

Cocoon Postnatal Care

Our postnatal care experts are here to provide you with the best of postnatal recovery at our confinement centre. By focusing on the art of nurturing and bonding of mother and child, we will guide you with the ability to connect with your child on a deeper level during the postnatal period.

Bliss @ Cocoon Spa & Massage

Our pre and postnatal massages at our confinement centre are here to assist you with taking care of your physical health in a relaxed manner by massaging stiffened muscles due to carrying your child and after giving birth.

Tuck Fong

With a wide variety of traditional herbs and tonic concoctions for a traditional and hearty postpartum recovery at our confinement centre, we combine traditional and modern method for wellness with our confinement herbs.

Cocoon Confinement Food Catering

Healthy, delicious, and nutritious. That is the aim of our dishes for our confinement food catering for mothers who are recovering after giving birth.


Cocoon Postpartum offers a comprehensive list of confinement centre services that ensure the well-being of mothers (physically and mentally) before and after childbirth.

Our private rooms come with services including but not limited to spa services to help with your recovery from childbirth, pre and postnatal massages to help unstiffen your muscles to help keep you energized and healthy, and classes for new parents by educating them the proper ways to take care of a newborn baby. 

We at Cocoon Postpartum is a one-stop solution confinement centre for your wellness and recovery needs. Our prices are transparent with no hidden charges so you will know exactly what you paid for when you stay with us at our confinement centre

By combining organic and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), we use both traditional and scientific methods to improve the wellbeing of both mother and baby at our confinement centre

Cocoon Postpartum’s services at our confinement centre are flexible and can be customised and tailor-made for your individual and specific needs to ensure that you receive only the best of postpartum care – just as you truly deserve.

Click the link to fill in your details and set an appointment with Cocoon Postpartum to meet up with us and discuss further regarding the services we offer.